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What is your gym/sauna/spa routine?

Greetings All,

I'm a huge sauna advocate and feel like one of the few urinary incontinent types who is comfortable in a public spa setting. From using the changing facilities to sitting next to nude at my co-ed spa, I've had to develop some hacks to get the most out of these $50 visits.

I start by changing out of my street clothes and wet brief, then self-cath before showing at using the jacuzzi pools. My typical dry-time post catheterize is about 30 minutes on a good day, depending on my liquid intake hours prior. So I have 5 minutes to shower, 15 for jacuzzi, then if I'm not feeling pressure or potential leaks - another 5 in the dry sauna and a splash in the cold plunge.

From there I head back to the locker room and change into a light brief, such as a Unique Wellness or a Total Dry Overnight (equivalent to a Molicare). Once I'm padded and leakproof, I'll head back in and start my normal sweat lodge routine:
A) 15 minutes in the dry sauna
B) 5 minute cool down in a chair
C) 10 minutes in the Russian Banya sauna
D) 10 minute cool down on a daybed
E) 10 minute steam room session
F) 10 minute cool down on the roof

Then rehydrate throughout and start again if I'm mentally up for it. Otherwise I'll take a break in the lounge, possibly changing into another diaper before heading back to my 2nd or 3rd session.

Once I'm done or restarting, I disrobe and dispose of my wet brief(s) in the locker room, before diapering back up and heading back for more rounds.

When I'm done, typically towards the end of the day when they're closing up - I've grown confident and carefree when changing out into my street clothes after throwing on an Abena/ID Slip/BetterDry with stuffer and adequate powder or barrier lotions.

It's taken me 10 years of battling the anxiety associated with my diapered disposition, but coming to terms and realizing that public changing is only as awkward and uncomfortable as you make it. Beyond a look or two of disbelief, everyone is accommodating and understanding to the situation.

The only comments I've gotten were supportive or inquisitive, and a few times I've been approached after the gym by folks my age and older who commended me for being stronger about my incontinence than they're able to be with theirs.

One day, in a perfect world, disposable underwear won't be as taboo as "diapers" and the stigma that surrounds them as an adult.

by   Matt  |   Mar 24 2018 11:16 PM   Likes (0)
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