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What Happens When True Fit are Just Not Enough?

As I've said in another post (that apparently "offended" some lady who shouldn't be in the MEN'S forum to begin with!) I wear the new True Fit briefs, and found them great for discretion. Well, WORE them.\nBut, without going into too much detail here, I am finding that they just are not "enough" for my problem. Perhaps my condition is getting worse. I don't really know. But when the TF can't hold a full bladder, well...I'm going to eventually have issues. I've had ONE already, where the TF couldn't handle it, I couldn't stop, and let's just say it took me back to first grade, and having to go home, 'cause I had an "accident."\n\nIs the next step up the Fitted Briefs? I've tried the underwear, and that, to my eyes, is ridiculous! And I can't imagine they work any better than the TF. So, is the next step for me the fitted briefs with the refasten-able tapes? (I'm embarrassed just typing that sentence out!)\n\nAs far as my experience goes, the fitted briefs are bulky, noisy...VERY noisy, hard to change in public, possibly so bulky people will notice, and, well...just a product I don't want to have to carry around with me, in case I need to change at work. IF the need arises for an overnight brief, I guess the fitted briefs would be okay. I'm pretty darn sure they're not going to leak. But in the real world? And now, I have the problem of maybe going more than once. What happens then?\n\nOh...I was SO hoping I wouldn't have to deal with this for YEARS, and the True Fit would be my solution for a long time. What should I do? Do I have any other choice? Like I said, the Depend underwear for men fits loosely, it looks silly, and I just don't want to wear those. Not that the fitted briefs doesn't look silly. (And I don't care how many others on this forum call them "diapers" (Ugh.) I refuse to call them that. "Honey? While you're at the store, can you pick me up a bag of diapers?" That sounds like a sitcom for God's sake! I refuse to do it. I will ALWAYS call them "fitted briefs.")\n\nIs that the only direction I can go in? (pardon the "go in" pun.)\nI hope I didn't OFFEND anyone with my question, or "problem."
by   Embarrassed Guy  |   Jul 08 2014 04:18 PM   Likes (0)
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