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overnight pull ups for men?

I guess it will come as no surprise when I say that men are second citizens in the incontinence and bedwetting world. Most of our products are really just slightly modified female garments. I like Real Fits during the day but they leak sometimes at night. I suppose I could wear a diaper but I have issues about that. I am in a relationship and embarrassed about wearing them. Pull ups are okay, though, and I was excited when I heard of a more absorbent overnight version. I was disappointed but not surprised that they are for girls. There is another brand of overnight pull up but although they are supposed to be unisex the padding is more suitable for women and they leak badly for a guy who side sleeps. Everyone talks of it being a man's world, well not if you still wet the bed.
by   Roberts109  |   May 06 2016 05:43 PM   Likes (4)
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