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Is this dampness normal?

Do I call the doctor? Or is this normal?\nI'm 18 years old and for almost a year now I've been noticing that almost every day I'm damp, like really damp to the point it can every now and then be visible. I had to change my wardrobe so that the dampness doesn't show, I wear boxer briefs now rather than boxers because I noticed less of the dampness shows. \nWhat is this? Is this something that happens to everyone? \nI have to urinate every 2 hours sometimes less time than that, which isn't the problem, the problem is even after relieving myself, I still find extreme dampness. I'm becoming concerned and worried. It's not full on wet, but its really damp. I don't feel this until I change my clothes or something. \nI really hope this is something normal. \nMy night life is still normal though. I go to sleep dry and wake up dry. \nShould I call the doctor? Or is this normal? I'm healthy and eat healthy so I don't understand. \nI'd rather not wear diapers, that's why I'm coming to you guys, I feel you guys would know what's wrong and what the solution would be.
by   Ididntwantanaccount  |   Jan 30 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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