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Interstitial Cystitis: What Is It and How Can It Be Managed?

Hello Depend Community -

This week, we're talking about interstitial cystitis, also known as IC or Painful Bladder Syndrome. What are the symptoms? How is it diagnosed? And what can you do about it?

I've posted an article on the topic here: [url http://depend.com/mens-solutions/articles/interstitial-cystitis-what-is-it-and-how-can-it-be-managed/14000058938]Interstitial Cystitis: What Is It and How Can It Be Managed?[/url]

Do you have an IC diagnosis? Do you have any tips to share with someone who's new to the condition?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
by   Lori - at - Depend  |   Jul 16 2013 06:30 AM   Likes (0)
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