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How do the new "underwear style" products measure up?

Hey, guys. I've got a question for those of you with heavier types of incontinence.\n\nI've had stress incontinence since I was a kid-- whenever I sneeze, cough, or especially laugh, my bladder just empties all at once. Big wettings like that tend to cause issues with leaks, especially if I am sitting down. I like to use a boost insert whenever possible, but sometimes I don't have one on hand, so I tend to stick to the most absorbent protection possible. I've been wearing the Depends Maximum Protection with tabs for a long time, because I've found that the "diaper style" briefs with open sides tend to hold up much better than the pull ups.\n\nRecently though, I've been seeing the new grey "underwear style" briefs for men which are also labeled "Maximum Protection." How do they measure up in terms of absorbancy against the ones with tabs?
by   Alex  |   Mar 10 2012 06:00 PM   Likes (3)
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