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For men with total incontinence

I am a nearing 26 years Prostate Cancer continuing patient.  Because of surgical removal of, as well as radiation to, the prostate gland and its periphery I became totally incontinent and have learned how to best treat this condition - at least in my case.  I chose not to undergo surgery to attempt to help in controlling the incontinence since it could mean additional issues, and have worn Depend "Real Fit" underwear with a Depend Guard inserted as my product choice.  The "Real Fit" underwear are extremely comfortable and provide a snug fit, and the Depend Guard is sufficiently absorbent that as long as I take care to change/replace the Guard regularly, there is no overflow to the "Real Fit" underwear.  Women's overnight highly absorbent menstrual pads can also be inserted first followed by the Depend Guard as an extra precaution to overflow.

by   Charles  |   Jun 06 2018 07:03 PM   Likes (0)
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