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doctors and stigma

Over the last few years several posters have noted that doctors tend to dislike having their patients use diapers. I had not encountered this, until my second appointment with my current urologist. He has ordered more pelvic floor physical therapy, referred me to a group of surgeons who specialize in spinal surgery, and insisted I go to an entero-stomal therapist for instruction in the use of external catheters. All of this is expensive, and it is my contribution to escalating health care costs, which makes me feel just a little guilty. At bottom, he seems to be doing this because he does not like me using diapers, and wants to do everything he can to switch me onto another another management modality. However, I use diapers because they work for me, not because of a fetish or a hobby. I wish he could understand that.\n\nKC executives could do me a favor if they placed an advertisement in one or more urological and/or gastroenterological journals, trying to explain to doctors that diapers can be a rational management tool for their patients.
by   Patrick  |   Mar 30 2013 05:44 AM   Likes (0)
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