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Dealing with burst urinary incontinence

Thank God this is intermittent. I have everybody's nightmare (sometimes) where all of a sudden I gotta go, and panic I make it to the mens room in time, because sometimes, it's a lot. If it's just a precaution, thoe Depends Mens things are okay, specially because if nothing happened, you can takem em off and wear them some other time. If I feel it's some pending disaster, when I'm at home, I'll put on one of those Depends with Tabs deals, compresion shorts, and sweats. \n\nAs a wish to the KC R&D dept, if they could make the front of the Depends w/ Tabs product more absorbent in the front, it would be a big help.
by   BeenThereDoneThat  |   Sep 20 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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