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25 year w/ old bladder problems

it started about 2 months ago with a weak stream,and the occasional feeling of not being empty, then maybe a month ago id get sudden urges and then then id have to get up maybe twice a night to use the restroom. last week i wet the bed, saw my doc, he said it could be a UTI and put me on cipro... I've had one dry night since last Thursday! seems like now i just cant keep my underwear dry? i have that tingling urge feeling almost constantly. then I'll get up to go ot the bathroom, and strain to get any out, then when i wash my hands I'll feel that "trickle" of a little pee escaping. I've been wearing guards, and it helps ALOT, bu ti really just want to know whats going on! its not normal for a 25yr old to wet the bed! i shouldn't be wearing depends at night, and pads during the day! \n\nany advice?
by   Flyer1987  |   Dec 21 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (1)
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