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"16 and incontinent"

I'm 18 a senior in high school, I live in Texas, I go to church every Sunday, I pray, I run cross country and track and I play basketball, I also play guitar and piano. I have 3 little sisters and I also have a boyfriend I'm bisexual. I knew I have wanted to be an astronaut ever since I was 13, I really thought I wanted to be a navy seal and then eventually become an astronaut. Me dreams were crushed when I started peeing frequently in my pants during school, on a boy scout camping trip. I eventually went to the doctor and he told me I have a weird case of urinary incontinence or something the point is I'm 18 and I'm incontinent. He suggested I start to wear diapers. I tried men's depends and their working really well. No one can even tell I'm wearing them I scored the winning basket last year with a pair on, I came in first at a meet with them on. The only thing is that I can't become an astronaut the way I wanted to but I'll find another way, my advice to anyone debating on wearing diapers is to man up. I did it.
by   TomODonoghue  |   Nov 04 2015 07:00 PM   Likes (1)
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