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I'm embarrassed to bring this up, but I need advice. I've been wearing diapers 24/7 since February because I finally admitted that I need them. I'm fecal incontinent, but only occasionally, however, I wear a diaper fulltime because I never know when I'll need it.\n\nNow that it's getting warmer, ...it's in the 80's everyday with high humidity in Florida, ...I've been noticing an odor coming from my diapered area. It's not perspiration odor or urine since I don't use my diaper for that and not fecal either because I clean up whenever that happens, but it's unpleasant and I'm worried that others will smell it.\n\nThis moring I mentioned it to my wife and while searching my mind for a description of the smell I settled on 'fishy' and immediately she said I have a yeast infection.\n\nI was stunned as I'd never heard of a man getting one, but I'm a retired registered pharmacist and I know that inside my diaper is a perfect enviorment for yeast to grow, i.e., moist, dark and dry, so my question is has anyone else had this and what do I do about it?\n\nI shower once a day in the afternoon and I use copious amounts of baby powder before putting on my diaper. When I don't shower before changing it, I use a moist wipe and more powder. \n\nIf I have a yeast infection it's external and not internal as women get, so suppositories and the interally used creams won't work.\n\nHelp!
by   35way  |   May 16 2012 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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