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What I can't stand

The other day I was looking for a support group up until I found you guys, and I went through website after website and all I came upon was people who wear diapers for the fun of it or for a sexual thrill! \n\nI have even found people who choose to wear diapers because they just want to, and force themselves to do whatever, and some cases talking about how now their minds have trained them have to wear diapers because if they don't they won't know they are going. (shaking head) I don't get it? \n\nI hate having to wear diapers, but have accepted it, and so has my wife. We know that there is a medical issue that I cannot help, but there are people out there that do this for fun??? again I just don't get it guys, as to way any one would want to go through that when they don't have to. \n\nI would like to hear from some of you about this.
by   Iamonlyhuman  |   Nov 10 2010 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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