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Wearing a diaper at night and getting a good nights sleep

Does anyone else have a problem sleeping at night if you don't wear a diaper. I find myself getting up at least three times at night to use the washroom. Sometimes I start to wet my underwear before I make it to the washroom. This leads to a very unrestfull night. If I wear a diaper at night, I find myself waking up wet but feeling very refreshed. Once I wake up and start to walk to the washroom I can feel myself wetting before I get there. I find myself putting on a diaper every night now. I must admit that there are some nights, not offen, but some nights I do wake up dry but again, on the way to the washroom I begin to wet before I get there. Anybody in the same boat?
by   JimJim  |   Nov 19 2010 07:00 PM   Likes (5)
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