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The original Depend Easy-Fit Undergarments

In my opinion, this was the best product that Depend ever made! I remember back when Depend first introduced them back in 1993/1994. They held almost as much as the fitted briefs, they were quick and easy to change (the original 60-second diaper change) and I liked the trim, sleek look and fit. Why Depend stopped making them, I'll never understand!\nIn the late 1990 they changed their design, the undergarment became the "Belted Shield" and it became smaller, absorbed less and was lower in the front. The strap quality worsened too, after using a pair of straps once or twice, they were cashed and ready to be trashed. \nWhy did you do it Depend? This was something that was made right and made well and you ruined it before you killed it outright!\nOkay, I'm off the soapbox now... your comments are welcomed.
by   Gear Jammer  |   Oct 02 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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