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Protection Questions

My wife continues to use protection (lots of it) in the form of Depend maximum protection and the purple Molicares. The Molicares cost a fortune, and we can't really afford them, but my wife likes them a lot. She goes through so many diapers though that I have some questions for other users.\n\nDo you dispose of your diaper as soon as you wet it? My wife does. "Little pee" or "big pee", as soon as she wets her diaper, she changes and disposes of the wet one.\n\nHow do you dispose of BMs? She usually has 2 BMs in her protection a day, sometimes more. When changing the BM and her wipes stay in her diaper, then she rolls and tapes up the diaper for disposal. In her mind she wears disposables for the convenience and will not be bothered to try to empty things in the toilet, in fact she changes in our laundry area not the bathroom. Is this normal?\n\nFinally I still find her morning routine wasteful. She wears Molicares to bed, and always wakes up wet. She knows she'll have a BM within 20 - 30 minutes of waking up, yet she changes into a fresh Molicare knowing she'll "use" it (and does not like to wear a depend for this). This am she woke up, looked down at her Molicare and said "I hardly wet but I'd like a fresh one". She disposed of her hardly used purple diaper in our kitchen trash and put on a new Molicare but 10 minutes later as we were in our Master Bath she had her morning BM. 10 minutes! Doesnt that seem really wasteful? \n\nI am grateful that her diapers, although a huge expense, allow my gorgeous wife to live normally despite her challenges.
by   IBSHusband  |   Mar 30 2013 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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