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OAB - Medication and Diaper Questions

I have tried several medications so far. Vesicare worked OK at first, but was inconsistent. Then it pretty much stopped working and I switched. Toviaz was awful and made my symptoms worse. It never worked right for me. I had little to no bladder control on Toviaz and actually had bladder and penile pain and discomfort. On Sanctura now and although I felt great at first when I started using it and had very little symptoms or urges, that has changed and I am having serious day and night problems again. \n\nI'm finding it very hard to be diapered in this heat and humidity and as I said in another post, I now have bad diaper rash that I'm trying to control and get rid of. Was just wondering what OAB meds people use and which medicine most people thinks works best. I'd also be interested in side effects since I know they all have them. Vesicare caused rather serious constipation where I do not have that problem with Sanctura. What I find hard is the unpredictability of when the medicine will work and when it won't. \n\nI know many people with OAB do not wear diapers, but I have been told my OAB is severe and when my problem gets bad, I need to wear diapers to protect against public accidents and bed wetting. Sometimes I can hold it, but it causes bad abdominal pains and that causes me to have a wetting episode. How many others have to use diapers to manage their OAB and, if you do wear diapers (I wear the fitted brief) how often do you need to wear them. I wear to bed every night and there are also times when I have to wear 24/7. I try not to, but I sometimes have no choice. Just tired of feeling that I'm the only one in the world with these issues. Thanks.
by   BrianJ  |   Feb 27 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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