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Stand Up And Smile

If you haven't watched a funniest video show before than here is a post to let go your "possibly funny" diapered blunders or oopses. We all make a blunder or two and it does a person good to make lemonade out of such lemons. Below is my "pilot" contribution with hopes of a few more from out yonder to brighten up the forums.\n\nA couple of years ago I had to stop off to the house to drop off some items. Of course during working hours your in a hurry.The winter snow had been melting and had frozen a bit near the breezeway accept for some surface water that hadn't do to salting the drive. As I started across and attempted to step onto the cement slab I did a flying flop landing on my behind in the salty puddle which brings us to what might be the first ever case of reverse pull up wetting as the water was pouring in through the sides and swelling up like a water balloon.\nLOL
by   EARL H  |   Apr 12 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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