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laser hair removal

I've been regularly shaving my crotch area for years now to keep down the smell and bacteria due to urinary incontinence. I am considering laser hair removal but I don't know how to deal with the few days of extreme skin sensitivity due to the lasering. I've been told trying to wear any sort of padded protection would lead to rashes and bad sores since the skin will be very weak for a few days. If I am moving I have constant stress leakage and if just sitting I'll have an urge void at least once an hour so I am very dependent on protection and wear full briefs all the time. Even if I try very hard I can only hold it for a few seconds when feeling the urge and will lose control as soon as I try getting up so a sprint to the bathroom won't work anymore. I really want the hair removal but I am not sure how to manage my incontinence for the few days afterwards. Thinking about asking my doctor for an indwelling cath but I really hate the invasiveness. The only other option I can think of is just staying home for a few days and sitting on incontinence bed pads. That would suck but I guess it would only be for a few days. Anybody have better ideas? Has anybody else had laser hair removal? How did it go? Any negative long term effects I should know about? I know the lady mentioned I will probably need to go in for frequent touchups for a few months and then maybe the once a year touchup. Not sure how I'll handle those also for the day or two of sensitivity afterwards. Should have had this procedure when I could at least still make it too the bathroom before the urge flood.
by   veronicaa  |   Sep 25 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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