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In defense of Depend

I've said these kinds of things before, but recent posts have convinced me that it's time for another reality check. \n\nMany people here have said some pretty unflattering things about Depend products, right here on the forum that the company provides, myself included. We seem to take the fact that their products don't meet our needs as a personal affront and an insult, as though they were forcing us to buy products that would surely leak and cause us embarrassment at the worst possible moments. \n\nLet's begin by allowing that there are more absorbent products out there. The Abenas, Molicares, Tenas, and even Attends of the world offer longer protection and longer times between changes, assuming you're completely incontinent. But what if you aren't completely incontinent? What if you only dribble or leak when you laugh or cough? What if you don't feel like wearing the same diaper for 12 hours. What would that even weigh at the end of a day? \n\nBlaming and insulting Depend products for being inadequate for your needs is like insulting Chevy for not being BMW, or Maxwell House for not being Starbucks. There is clearly a market for middle-line products, and Depend offers that, along with availability on every street corner. You know what they would call drugstores that only offered Abena M4 diapers? Out of business. \n\nIs Depend shifting more toward underwear and away from diapers? Maybe, and if so, it's almost certainly a really smart business strategy as more and more women (and men too) come to that age when they need light protection and still want to feel like they've not resorted to--gasp!--diapers.\n\nThe best-selling cars are from Chevy, Toyota, Honda, and Ford, not BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes. But if that's what you want, you can still get 'em down the street. Just don't show up at the Hyundai dealership ranting about how much better the Audis are. It's just silly. \n\n-RMS
by   RMS  |   Jan 31 2013 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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