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Female inconsistent incontinence

I saw this topic addressed on the men's discussion board and I can really relate but since I am female I thought it was better talking about it on this forum. I am 48 and have had mixed incontinence since the birth of my third child 13 years ago. It is totally frustrating trying to anticipate what type of protection I need and when. Sometimes I judge just right and other times not so much! I normally wear an ultra thin maxi from Tena but when when I am doing anything strenuous I need more protection such as a pull-up and at times a regular diaper. The problem comes in because as active as I am I don't always know when I need the extra! For example, I was briefly horsing around with my two teenage sons when the younger one got the great idea to tickle me. That led to me having a major accident since I only had a pad on at the time. I completely soaked my jeans...no control at all! They thought it was hysterical at first but felt bad when I was so upset. I was mortified! I know they didn't realize my problem was as big an issue as it is as I don't discuss with anyone except my ob/gyn. I am just wondering if anyone else experiences inconsistent incontinence? I guess I should just be glad I still have some control and make the best of it but it is is frustrating trying to avoid embarrassment! Any suggestions or help would be most appreciated.
by   stressedgirl  |   Jan 30 2013 07:00 PM   Likes (1)
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