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Ladies, Do any of you a use pull-up at night? I'm not talking about Silhouette - I'm talking about Depend underwear for women or comparable (specifically, Rite Aid protective underwear for men and women - overnight absorbency). I'm trying to avoid briefs (and cloth diapers) but once in a while I need a bit more protection. I was thinking about using a Poise pad or comparable inside the pull-up. Have any of you ever tried that - did it work and was it tolerable?\n\nI have an upcoming first appointment with a personal trainer at my fitness gym in an effort to substantially reduce (hopefully eliminate) both my daytime urge incontinence and night wetting. I plan to do this along with a disciplined regimen of Kegels (started that already) and then self-refer to physical therapy if I don't see any improvement in a month or so.\n\n100% permanent dryness may be somewhat of an unrealistic goal, however, I plan to take advantage of every resource available to me. Thanks for your input.\n\nWetters
by   Depend Team  |   Jul 08 2013 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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