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Embarassed at Church

I don't normaly attend church, but this Sunday I went with a friend to attend service at his church. My friend knows a little of the history I've had with oab and bladder trouble. I haven't had many flare ups lately with my oab so I was still wearing a guard. Well towards the end of the service my bladder was twitching and I thought I could hold it. But when I stood up it. Just about completley emptied! Soaking the guard and leaving me with wet pants and a little trail running down my leg I was wearing black pants. So I didn't think it stood out as much. As we were gettin in line to exit the church a little boy about 5 blurts out to his ma and everybody hey look that guy peed his pants. I was so embarassed I just wanted to push everybody out of the way and run for the door. Fortunatly the line went quick and I was able to get out. I guess I should have known that could have happened and just wore a diaper in case. I am so glad I don't go to that church. Anybody have any embarassing incidents like that before?
by   Mike4977  |   Nov 29 2010 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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