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Depend BB guidelines

It has been noted that Depend is not a top-of-the-line diaper. While this may be an accurate sentiment, Depend has some very essential value for one who is incontinent. Depend, it must be understood, is a company in the business of making a profit at the same time as fulfilling a market need. That market is you ... us. The only way to keep us buying Depend products instead of switching to another brand is by researching ways to improve their products. Will they satisfy everyone? Unlikely. Does Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Depend, know this? Well, Depend is very nearly a mainstay in the adult diaper industry and sold in virtually every chain drug and health store globally. I'm sure that says something (beyond marketing) for Depend being a product with satisfactory results. But that will not stop someone for deciding to buy a different product because of a need they have which Depend DOES NOT fulfill. Everyone is different.\n\nI wear Depend briefs. I like the Depend briefs. These are the reasons:\n\n1) More underwear-like (in appearance and feel) than any other maker of briefs.\n2) Discreet.\n3) Has a satisfying absorbency for MY needs. My bladder does not have a big capacity and what leaks is (usually) quickly absorbed.\n4) Price (especially with an in-store discount).\n5) Convenience. Sold almost everywhere.\n\nAre there reasons I may not use Depend? Of course; Depend is not the Holy Grail of diapers. I may even invest in another brand for those specific occasions during which Depend will fall short of my needs. We all know what our needs are and what is best to facilitate those needs. Kimberly-Clark would even like to hear from you. It is in business to provide you a product.\n\nSo what do you think is good about the Depend brand of diapers? What is not?
by   John1000  |   Feb 04 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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