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Depend Adjustable Underwear: Almost Good

****Warning: This post contains grown-up words for anatomical parts****\n\nLike many here, I've never been a raving fan of Depend products. They have their niche in the marketplace, but they're not designed for me or anyone who needs more heavy-duty protection. That's not an insult, it's just a statement reflecting their intended purpose and position in the market. \n\nBut one of the Depend products that's always intrigued me is the Adjustable Underwear. I really like the fact that the padding goes up higher in the front, high enough to actually cover the penis when sitting down. Most underwear--even for men--don't work for me for this reason. Don't even get me started on the Tranquility Overnight pull-ups. \n\nThat extra coverage where I need it is the reason I buy some Adjustable Underwear every couple of years, remembering the higher padding, and forgetting their fatal flaws: a crotch that's too narrow and no leak guards. \n\nThe Adjustables catch little leaks right where my penis sits just fine. Works like a champ. But the moment I have a heavier wetting, it leaks like a sieve because the urine not instantly absorbed falls to the lowest point (the crotch) and there's nothing there to contain it until it can be absorbed. If the crotch were wider, and created a cup to hold the liquid for a bit, I'd probably be okay. If there were hydrophobic leak guards to hold the liquid for a bit, that would probably save me too. But the Adjustables have neither of these things. \n\nIf they had one of these features, you'd have a pretty good product. If you had two, I honestly believe you'd have the only reliable underwear for men. You know, the half of the population with mobile hoses. \n\n-RMS
by   RMS  |   Jan 28 0201 07:00 PM   Likes (1)
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