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Daytime Diaper Dilemma

I have now had 3 public daytime accidents in the past week and am really freaking out about it. It's really upsetting and embarrassing and I have absolutely no idea when they're going to happen. I go from not needing to pee to can't hold it any longer in a matter of seconds. I wear a diaper to bed at night and that is not an issue. My problem is daytime wearing.\n\nI am a professional in my early 50's and work in a small office. Although I have worn daytime diapers to work in the past when it was an absolute must, it has not been on a permanent basis. If I was to wear them permanently, there is no way the people in the office would not find out. For all I know, they may have already seen or heard me changing in the men's room and know about the diapers but have not said anything to me. But keeping it a secret if I was to wear 24/7 would not be possible. I also don't want all of my clients, colleagues, family and friends to know. A very select few do know, but it's more like 1% knows and the other 99% do not know. I have other medical issues too which many people do know about and I really don't want something like incontinence and diapers to be added to the list of things associated with me. I feel like I'm caught between such a rock and a hard place. Do I need diapers all the time? NO! Did I know 5 minutes before I wet my pants yesterday that I was going to have an accident? NO! I don't want to wear diapers 100% of the time and only need them 5% of the time. I find them uncomfortable, I sweat a lot in them, the are bulky and tight under my suit pants and I hate carrying a "diaper" bag with me when I'm out in public and into restrooms. At this point, part of me wishes that I had no bladder control whatsoever. Then this awful decision would be made for me. When I void, I fully void most of the time so things like pads are not an option for me. I need to wear a diaper otherwise I will still soak my pants when I have an accidents. It's not as though I'm dribbling. I am fully voiding. If I was retired and could be at home most of the time perhaps this would not be as big a problem. The problem for me is that I am still a very active individual who comes in contact with many people during the course of the week and on weekends. In addition to work I still have a very active social life. I am also dating and that is another issue that messes me up since I find it hard to wear diapers and meet women. I fear rejection. Maybe that's my hangup but that's how I feel. However, right now dating is not my main problem. Dealing with these unexpected daytime accidents is my main problem. Are there other young active, gainfully employed, socially active guys out there that wear diapers 24/7 and how do you deal with it and with others knowing that you're wearing? I am in therapy and several of my doctors are encouraging me to wear 24/7 because they think having accidents is worse than wearing diapers. I think both options really suck. And I have been to the urologist, I am on meds and all that can be done to control it is being done. It's just not 100% effective. Thanks.\n\nBrian
by   BrianJ  |   Sep 23 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (3)
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