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Changing in the hospital?

Due to my condition (Bipolar Disorder) I have been hospitalized like 10x over the past two years ranging anywhere from 3-10 days stays on an inpatient psych unit. Not a fun time. But it is what it is. I also have bladder and bowel incontinence and wear Abena diapers full time. Sometimes, like on the night I am admitted, I am in no condition to change myself due to my medication making me very dizzy and dopey. Last time I was admitted, the nurse asked if I wanted help changing but I told her no and really struggled through it while she watched. I did the put your back to the wall and pull it up between your legs and tape it method like I always do. But I was dizzy and almost fell. She was watching because it was during my psychiatric intake and she was evaluating me. I am really embarassed about having anyone help me change if I cant do it myself. So to those of you who have been in the hospital before, how did you overcome this? Should I let them help me if I need it? Afterall, the odds are against me that I will, at some point, end up in the hospital again due to my condition. Is it normal to feel this way?
by   Looking to Help  |   Feb 27 2011 07:00 PM   Likes (0)
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