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Where is size small?

I can't believe Depends doesn't have a small size. I don't really wear tena as they leaked for me big time through the sides, but they now make a small size and I am forced to wear them when I know I will be walking and drinking a lot of water. They fit on nice and tight and are really hard to make leak. \n\nI want depends to make there underwear diapers for men in a small size, I am sure many of us are waiting for them to make it too!\n\nI am waist 34 but hopefully going down to a 32 again. Tena makes a small up to 32 but fits me good and is very comfy. Depends please make a small size so I can feel good when I need to. \n\nThank You
by   TransportationMan  |   Sep 06 2011 03:14 AM   Likes (1)
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