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Secure Personal Care Plus Briefs?

Hello all. I posted this on the mens side as well, but I wanted to see what everyone thought before I made a decision. Here goes...\n\nI am looking into getting the plus briefs as mentioned above. I currently use the abena supers and like them alot. However, I use the air plus' and they feel really wet in the crotch when, well, wet. It gets real cold down there and uncomfortable. I am looking into switching but I want to make sure I'm going to be satisfied with the product. If anyone out there has experience with these, please let me know. I have heavy urge incon and leak continuously. I don't need the protection of the xplus, I just think I need the regular plus diaper. Please let me know what you all think if you have experience with these brands. I refuse to buy junk diapers that are going to embarass me. I have had too many accidents with others.
by   Looking to Help  |   Jan 18 2010 03:14 PM   Likes (0)
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