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Men are better communicators?

I've read that up to 80 percent of people who experience incontinence are female. I've also read that women are better communicators, and speak up to four times as many words in a day as men. \n\nWhy is it, then, that the men's forums are so much more active than the women's? In the Daily Living forum alone, we have nearly four times as many posts as they have over on the female side, and they can't all be from Earl H. \n\nSo, what's up with this role-reversal? I thought us men were supposed to be stoic and uncommunicative? I thought we weren't supposed to talk about our weaknesses and (perceived) failures while our fairer counterparts were the ones who leaned on each other. \n\nGuess we've had it wrong all along. \n\n-RMS
by   RMS  |   Dec 30 2011 12:02 AM   Likes (0)
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