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Would you rather?

After a horrible trial of the new "Real Fit" briefs today, this question came to my mind. Would you rather wear protection that is discreet and low profile, but risk embarassing leaks, or wear a true adult diaper that would practically guarantee that you would never suffer a leak and then find ways of your own to disguise the fact that you are wearing some form of incontinence protection?\n\nPersonally, after many trials of products which offered discretion and cloth like feel and low noise and underwear like look and any other marketing slogan you can think of I would personally choose the reliable protection, even if it meant wearing a diaper that if detected could be identified as none other than just that. Even if it was plastic backed and made the most horrendous crinkling noise.\n\nWhat I've found through the last 10 years is that it isn't really all that hard to hide the fact that you are wearing a diaper. Buying shirts one size large and keeping them tucked in will stop the infamous diaper peekout. Wearing heavier pants, IE denim or cargo's will cut the visual profile. Wearing a pair of boxers or briefs over the diaper will all but eliminate the telltale crinkle beyond about a foot.\n\nThese few small measures ensure that I can wear protection which provides just that, protection. If it really comes down to it, I would rather that one person find out that I have incontinence because through some small slip up they noticed my diaper as opposed to a whole room of people seeing the giant wet mark on my pants.
by   dustyboy1234  |   Mar 26 2012 12:15 PM   Likes (0)
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