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how young or old?

I am just wondering at what age we all was when we started to have to wear diapers again? and how has that effected your life? Me I have never been out of diapers at night I am now 33. The effect it has had on my life is, made it hard to have or goto overnight stays. I have been told it is just lazyness by some others would rather me wet my diaper than thier bed/ couch. I used to watch how much I had to drink hours before bed trying not to wet but normaly woke up wet any way so now I live to be happy and don't worry about wetting. I somtimes wet during the day if really cold out going between the heat and cold and if it is really cold out i will wear during the day. I just wish I could find a mature woman who can handle this to spend my life with. any way hope to hear from all of you.\nThank you, A Bedwetter.
by   bedwetter789  |   Nov 22 2011 01:14 PM   Likes (0)
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