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Flow Max and other drugs?

I in 2005 went into the Urologist due to my primary care doctor asking me to do so again.\nI have enlarged Prostate at an early stage in life {before 50} or so I am told.\nAll test were done were\nAn MRI\nUltra Sound after I emptied my bladder so they could see if I was voiding fully \nThey put dye in my kidneys and did X ray or something\nWent in the front and looked inside my bladder for polyps?\nand one other I can not remember.\nI was told I had Over Active Bladder and Urge Incontinence \nI was put on Vesicare and after 4 weeks no improvement, then another similar. \nBoth to stop the OAB but did nothing\nit has been 2-3 years since and have mentioned all the above to my Neurologist who treats me but he says he does not know about the stuff I was on and has never prescribed them. And it is probable he they never will. \nI am on anti inflammatory, muscle relaxers as it is and wonder if going the other way with something like Flow Max would work?\nMy Primary care doctor has kinda washed his hands of the problem and says see anither urologist
by   dartman  |   Jan 13 2011 12:21 PM   Likes (0)
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