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Embarrassed When You Buy Incontinence Products? | Depend®

How can I get over my embarrassment about buying protection?

It’s not unusual to feel a bit self-conscious when purchasing incontinence products. The cashiers at the grocery or drug store have likely rung up lots of absorbent protection products or the store wouldn’t keep them in stock. Plus, most people – behind the counter or in line with you – are too wrapped up in their own thoughts and concerns to give much thought to what’s being purchased by someone else.


Managing a leaky bladder can leave you feeling alone, though it can help to recognize that one in four Americans between the ages of 20 and 85 experience bladder leakage. If you can think of your Depend® products as just another tool to help you live your active life, that can be helpful, too.

If you still feel a bit uncomfortable, you can order your Depend® products online. Shipments from Amazon.com  come in an unlabeled box, so your purchase won’t be obvious to anyone but you.


What about you? How do you feel buying your protection in the store?

by   Depend Team  |   Jun 15 2016 01:51 AM   Likes (3)
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