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Diapers at work and how to change your self discreetly in a public bathroom

Hi all, I just was looking for some help something so im new to incontinent support groups,so I am a young male in my 30s who has been incontinent for the better part of my life mostly at night I was diganised with a bladder issue as a kid and was a bedwetter,recently last year i began experiencing problems with bladder leakage during the day and it progressively got worse at the beginning of this year to the point where I had to start wearing a diaper during the day while at work so I started wearing the diaper i wear at night to  work because it is really absorbent(Depend Protection with tabs).Nut im worried some one at work might walk in when im in the stall changing or notice that I have a diaper on out on the work floor


by   Brendan  |   Mar 11 2018 11:02 AM   Likes (0)
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