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Circumcision and incontinence?

I have been incontinnt now for nearly two years and have had such a problem with yeast infections despite my best efforts to stop them. One of the problems is it causes panful splits in my forskin which over a very long period of time heal but each time it heals the scar tissue tightens my forskin to the point that it is now to small to come back over the end of my penis, and when it does go over if aroused it causes yet more splits and there is your viscious circle......\n\nI would like a cirumcision to stop this happening to me constantly but im not sure if the procedure is even possible being incontinent as it would be very hard to keep the wound clean etc etc.\n\nHas anyone on here had it done or been in a similair situation?\n\nOh I have not really talked to my doctor about this yet I wanted to see if was even possible before I went and cant find much on the internet about it.
by   Charliep  |   Jan 28 2010 04:15 AM   Likes (2)
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