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Bladder Control Worse When Exposed to Cold?

I find that when I go to the supermarket, my over active bladder often flares up as I'm walking around the frozen food section and the meat section where it is very cold. Something about the cold seems to set off my bladder and I often in serious trouble by the time I get to the checkout counter. I have begun wetting myself a few times on line and other times I have managed to hold it until I got into the parking lot or my car before the flood gates have opened and I have thoroughly soaked my pants, socks, shoes, etc. This doesn't happen all the time, not even 50% of the time, but it has now happened enough times that I now notice a pattern. Since I don't always wear diaeprs 24/7, I never know when this is going to happen and I run the risk of an accident. Has anyone else noticed a connection between the cold and bladder problems? Does the cold make your bladder worse? I have also noticed this too in the winter when I go outdoors and the cold weather hits my body and the seat of my car is cold.
by   BrianJ  |   Sep 12 2011 07:01 AM   Likes (2)
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