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Anesthesia & Bedwetting?

Hello, this is one of my first posts so I'll explain my situation a little. I have a minor foot surgery planned for 4/9/10 to repair a torn thingamajiggy (forget what they are called) I was told it would be a 3-4 hour surgery where I would be put to sleep via anesthesia then numbed and they would complete the rest and I wouldn't remember anything. Well, one question I was too embarrassed to ask the doctor was if enuresis might occur while I am asleep. Normally I wear a tranquility ATN to bed, and a lighter pull-up (Goodnite L-XL) for day accidents. Question 1 is, will enuresis occur from anesthesia?\nQuestion 2 is, Should I pack my own diapers and pull-ups?\n\nThanks in advance!
by   Crepsley  |   Mar 27 2010 08:40 AM   Likes (1)
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